The Tayo Hendrix Heartbeat Experience
The Tayo Hendrix Heartbeat Experience
An exclusive art exhibition by Tayo Ervine Hendrix

29th of August 2019
restaurang Riche Stockholm


When I was a child my father gave me a drum and with that drum, he taught me how to still my mind by connecting to my own unique heartbeat.

My mother taught me how to connect with my soul and learn to be a ‘wise soul’ listening to what resonated in my heart not my head.

Now I am grown and half a century wiser, I am finally at a place where I feel able to share my heart and its authentic beat with the world in the form of this very personal art experience. An exhibition that includes unique works of art. Never before seen and all original or limited edition pieces, or part of a three part series of images that lead you on a journey through my mind.

Why have I created limited edition right off the bat? Because in truth, I’m unsure I will be able to part with some of these very personal pieces. They’re so special and have opened my heart to who I am at the deepest level. Some of these pieces may need to be prised from my hands because they’re like my children, unique, individual and tapping into love at the deepest level of my heart. 

They tested me beyond sanity at times and one piece has my hair sweat and tears physically as part of that  painting and beneath what you see now is what I call my breakthrough of life. So you may get the original but I’ll have a limited edition and I will remember that journey and carry that experience forever.

Encompassing  all five senses, sound, vision, taste, touch and scent. 
My art is mostly hand painted with a little digital thrown in to the mix. Available as originals, embellished one off art pieces and Limited Editions. When you look at this art I hope you will do so accompanied by the music I created especially for this installation. If some of these pieces find a new home with you remember they came from a pure love of life and a journey lived brave. I am honoured that you are about to become part of my family and hope you will stay with me on this magical journey of life choices. Thank you so very much for coming to my show and helping me to celebrate a life less ordinary.